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Final React project for Flatiron’s Software Engineering bootcamp completed! There was a lot of content to learn this phase, being introduced to React JS, state, props, hooks, Redux, Thunk… I also learned styling with Material UI on my own, which turned out to be super fun!

I decided to build a vacation planner application just in time for summer with a React JS frontend and a Rails API backend. …

My Neighbor Totoro ft. Bernie and his mittens

Whew, Phase 4 Javascript project complete! Although there definitely was a learning curve moving from Ruby to Javascript, the fundamentals were pretty similar... Plus JavaScript just makes applications more fun.

The project requirements were relatively open-ended and broad, which left room for a variety of applications I could build. I chose to create a spinoff game, combining the infamous Flappy Bird and the viral Bernie mitten meme, called FLAPPY BERNIE! I thought it would be nostalgic to recreate the addictive game that has been taken down and is lost forever.

You can view my frontend and backend GitHub repos respectively.


I created a brewery reviewing application for my Phase 3 Ruby on Rails project. It holds over 8000 breweries in the United States that were pulled from Open Brewery DB API. This project was the most fun so far and I feel like I had a lot more freedom to be creative with how to set up the architecture and what features to add.


  1. At least one has_many, at least one belongs_to, and at least two has_many :through relationships
  2. Join table must include a user-submittable attribute
  3. Reasonable validations for the simple attributes
  4. At least one class level ActiveRecord scope method

One of the images from my homepage sliding banner

Phase 2 of my software engineering bootcamp at Flatiron School required us to build an MVC (Model View Controller) Sinatra Application with ActiveRecord. I created an application that allows you to log your PRs (personal records) for the most common gym weight exercises, with full CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) functionalities. This was an exciting assignment as this was the first time we created a website with style-able user interface… and maybe it’ll actually help me with my gym goals!

You can find the Heroku-hosted application here.

Project Requirements

  1. Build an MVC Sinatra application.
  2. Use ActiveRecord with Sinatra.
  3. Use multiple models.

Studio Ghibli films (from left to right): Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Grave of the Fireflies

I finished my first project for my coding bootcamp! This post will demo my Ruby CLI project, explain its basic file structure, and highlight some of its code functionalities. Additionally, I’ll call attention to a few simple tips to easily improve the visuals of a CLI program.

Project Overview

My program starts by welcoming the user and printing out a numbered list of Ghibli film titles pulled from this Ghibli API. Inputting a value between 1 and 20 allows the user to select which film he/she wants to know more about. The program returns the film’s title, director, release date, and description…

My decision to quit my job and enroll in Flatiron’s Software Engineering bootcamp was both premeditated and impulsive. On one hand, I had been researching code camps for over a year, frequently talking to friends and acquaintances that graduated from various programs. Although this narrative is true, there’s also the one of me tossing all my planning out of the window. My original plan was actually to wait at least another year. I always had a “reason” to hold off. I have to save up first. I’ll go for it after I move in with my best friend. You name…

Kotomi Noguchi

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